"Visions of Garden Life"

Pop-Up Photo Gallery

Wesley Johnson


There is no line between art and science, between creativity and craft—one begets the other, and either is meaningless alone.

Formally educated in the science of art, Wesley Johnson holds degrees in Photography and Cinematography from the most respected institutions on earth in these fields — RIT + AFI. With more than 15 years of professional experience, he is known on several continents as a master image-maker  and storyteller.

Wesley’s passion for light, color, nature, architecture and portraiture infuse every hour of his existence—and all of them at once in VISIONS OF GARDEN LIFE. Collaborating with Jeff Berghoff for the past decade has been among Wesley’s most satisfying experiences. This exhibit is the first step into a world that they plan on exploring together for years to come.



Jeff Berghoff

Art Director

Drawing inspiration from classical historic precedents in Architecture, Garden Design, and pop culture for over twenty years Jeff Berghoff has designed and built stylized landscapes for his clients private use thought the Southwest United States.Through a team of artisans Berghoff designs, handcrafts, and cares for these award winning estates. 

In 2016 his first photography exhibit "Visions of Garden Life," Berghoff collaborates with Wesley Johnson a photographer and Cinematographer and acts as Art Director + Producer to create an epic portrayal of a hyperrealistic view of individuals portrayed going about their daily life.  In a unique way, Berghoff integrates his characters against the large backdrops of the very gardens that he designed and built for his clients. The series of images provide a large panorama and cinematic settings of these gardens but also allow the viewer to immerse into Berghoff’s altered reality and create photography of intrigue filled images that offers the viewer questioning the emotion within the setting.